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Butler County Community College

Butler County Community College is proud to be a part of the PA Community College Consortium Agreement. BC3 offers 35 career programs, 21 transfer programs, and 25 certificates across five areas of study. With six locations serving seven Pennsylvania counties, BC3 has excellent educational opportunities for northwestern Pennsylvania residents.

Sherri Mack
Sherri Mack, Co-PI

Dean of Business, Butler County Community College

Sherri Mack, Dean of the Business and Information Technology Division, has been a faculty member at Butler County Community College for over 25 years and dean for four. She has a Master’s degree in Information Technology as well as a Master’s in Business Administration. She’s taught various computer science, computer programming, and website development courses with a focus on security and ethics as part of the courses. Her passion is to educate the next generation of computer professionals to create a more secure yet robust computer industry.

Mrs. Mack can be reached at

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