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DoD/DIB Agency Connections

Government employment may seem daunting and too out of reach for students. Additional connections with DoD/DIB agencies will allow for increased awareness of open positions, career paths, and hiring processes.


Internships and Employment

Hands-on learning is vital for students, especially in STEM fields.  Internships and entry-level employment will help our students hone their real-world skills and prepare them for advanced positions in government and industry.


Transfer/Affiliation Agreements

Additional costs and loss of credits deter students from pursuing bachelor’s degrees.  Expanded transfer/affiliation agreements will allow students to transfer from lower-cost community colleges to four-year institutions more freely.


Faculty and Student Development

Technology based industries are changing and a rapid pace, and faculty benefit greatly with additional training on recent advancements in the field.  Students also benefit by learning advanced topics from industry experts.

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