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Bucks County Community College

Bucks County Community College is proud to be a part of the PA Community College Consortium Agreement. With almost 100 programs of study across six different areas of focus, Bucks offers a wide variety of academic options for students in Bucks County and the surrounding areas.

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Rory Butler, Co-PI

STEM Professor, Bucks County Community College

Dr. Butler holds a doctorate in Information Technology (IT). He started his career in computing in 1982 and after 15 years as an IT practitioner, began teaching fulltime in 1997. He has broad academic leadership experience including service as Department Chairperson and Assistant Dean. In his current role as Professor in the STEM department at Bucks County Community College, he teaches courses in Computer Science, Information Technology, Cybersecurity and Data Science. Dr. Butler has extensive experience developing academic programs. Using the “train the trainer model,” he has successfully led curriculum integration projects involving the Cisco Networking Academy, Cloud+, Microsoft platforms, CompTIA certifications and Oracle DBA, among others. Through advanced coursework and professional development, he has gained a solid understanding of Artificial Intelligence (AI) theory and practice including classification, modeling, pattern recognition, algorithm optimization, and machine learning.

Dr. Butler can be reached at

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